Data Collection

CATI Market Research Services is a core service provided by Symphony Research.
Flexibility and Diversity

Our strength is our ability to deliver on promises, to upscale quickly if required and to produce highly trained dedicated professionals with a genuine passion for research

This means you can be assured of a credible, intelligent interviewing team through all stages of the data collection process.

We live and breathe the Symphony values every day in what we do. We believe we have the best call center in New Zealand and our workplace culture is very empowering for our employees.
We actively engage our staff in 360 degree feedback and have a policy of openness, fairness and transparency.

Our capabilities include:

  • Specialised B2B interviewing teams including Agricultural, Finance and telecommunications.
  • CATI Consumer interviewing Teams
  • CATI Recruitment for online surveys
  • Hosting & scripting online surveys
  • Hybrid CATI/Online interviewing
  • Recruitment for Focus Groups
  • Coding and Data Entry
  • Dashboards and Performance Measurement reports
  • Self -completion & Postal Studies
  • In house analytical services – including tailored data delivery and analysis tools
  • Database cleaning and management
  • Sample generation

For clients who only require fieldwork and/or data analysis, you can contact our Market Research Director in the first instance with your requirements.

With over 100 interviewers throughout New Zealand and supported by a team of Field Supervisors, Coding and Data Entry specialists, we offer one of the largest Field resources in New Zealand.


Donna Willis- MR Director