What our CATI Call Centre offers:

  • Central location- facilitating interviewing consistency
  • 50 CATI booths
  • Over 100 call centre staff
  • Ability to upscale at short notice
  • 24/7 operating business model
  • Technical expertise of the highest level
  • Competent, experienced, reliable interviewers
  • High supervision ratio
  • Interviewer stability-average tenure 2 years

CATI Interviewing:

We operate in a great number of markets including FMCG, service, retail, business-to-business, media, advertising and social and government research. We cover all areas of market research data collection but specialise in CATI data collection.

Our hand picked team of over 100 CATI interviewers are the foundation of our company.

Keeping all interviewing in-house provides a consistency not only in interviewing but in quality control. We offer true knowledge based interviewing, fast turn around, the ability to upscale quickly and an interviewing environment others can only envy.

We can provide CATI interviewing based on RDD sample generation or equally off client lists. For those hard to find respondents we can blend multiple sample sources in order to hunt down those low incidence target audiences at a fraction of cold calling prices.

Qual Recruitment
Hand in hand with quantitative research is qualitative, now there is no need to go to a specialist panel supplier. Symphony Research can recruit for your focus groups either from your own panel, our in-house panel or anyone of our partner’s online panel members.
B2B & Consumer
Looking for recruitment to online? Symphony Research are experts at recruiting that hard to find demographic and successfully recruiting with follow up calls to ensure response rates online are high.
Making a strong comeback is the self completion postal survey. We manage all aspects of self-completion surveys; this includes recruitment, pre notification letters, mail out, reminder calls, receipt of the completed questionnaires,
Online Scripting & Hosting
Symphony Research can now offer online and or CATI/Online hybrid solutions for your Fieldwork. The CATI/Online hybrid approach to fieldwork has become very popular with clients due to the ease and speed of fieldwork


Analysis of text from open-ended interviews has become an important research tool in numerous Market Research fields. Accurate coding is an essential part of such analysis. We ensure that our in house coding team have excellent comprehension skills, and have the ability to understand the socio–economic, historical, and geographical backgrounds of the respondents.

Our team of coders also provides a mix of experience within different industry’s including Agricultural, Financial and telecommunication, giving you a team of coding experts who can interpret and accurately categorize responses within any given industry.

All data processing is conducted in-house on a secure server.